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Friday, August 31, 2012

Retail Locations for Cholo Style Magazine
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ABOUT CHOLO STYLE MAGAZINE:  Welcome to Cholo Style Magazine Website. Cholo Style Magazine was created and started in the barrios of East Los Angeles by Reynaldo Berrios, a vato from San Francisco. Due to a promise he made long ago to a camarada from East Los Angeles , Rey hit the unknown, where not even cops dare to go alone, into the streets of some of the most oldest and fearest barrios. Most of his old friends were gone and just two remained. Nevertheless, The Creator Bless him with new camaradas.
Cholo Style Magazine features some bad ass Chicano artwork, Poetry, Dedications, Barrio Life Stories, Barrio Tributes, Prison Art, Low Rider Car Clubs stories in helping the community and much more.
Cholo Style Magazine is deep into the Chicano/Latina/Indio Meztizo culture in every artistic aspects. Cholo Style Magazine has done events with Chicano Rap Artist Midget Loco from Steel Banging Musick, Handball Tournaments with community activist in East Los Angeles, Art Exhibits with Mission Cultural Center, Galeria de La Raza,  & Pier 5 Law Group in San Francisco. Cholo Style Magazine is seeking sponsors to do more events relating  the arts, music and sports. Looking for sponsors for my embryo events :Chicano Music Concerts in San Diego, Handball Tournament in Los Angeles, Chicano/Latina Art Exhibition in San Francisco and Amature Boxing in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Contact me @ reynaldoberrios@gmail.com

Arte For Danny
Arte For Danny